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Decentraland markup reference

How the engine works

Decentraland uses custom markup to describe scenes. Scenes must be valid xml, but we recommend serving them using the .html extension.

Supported primitives


An empty node that allows you to nest transforms and group objects.

 <entity position='5 0 0' rotation='0 90 0'>
   <box color='#ff00aa' position='-2 0 0' />
   <box color='#00aaff' position='2 0 0' />


Renders a cube.

 <box color='#ff00aa' position='1 2 3' />


Renders a sphere.

 <sphere color='#00aaff' position='1 2 3' scale='4 4 4' />


Renders a plane on the X-Y axis. Default size is 1m x 1m. Rotate it -90 in x axis to have it parallel to the ground.

 <plane color='#00aaff' position='1 2 3' scale='4 4 4' rotation='-90 0 0' />


Renders an obj model from an http url.

  <obj-model obj-model="obj: models/rounded-cube.obj; mtl: models/rounded-cube.mtl" />


Renders a glTF model from an http url.

 <gltf-model src='suzanne.gltf' />

Common attributes


 position="1 2 3"

Position expressed in meters in x, y, z. As viewed looking north from south of the entity, x=right, y=up, z=toward you.


 rotation="0 45 0"

Rotation expressed in degrees as a XYZ euler angle three.js style.


 scale="2 2 2"

Scale expressed in dimensionless units in x, y, z. `1 1 1` is the default scale.



Color, supports only 6 letter hex colors, being 2 digits each for red, green and blue.

Material attributes

The material attributes takes a css semicolon-seperated style list of properties.

 material='color: red; flat-shading: true'