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Aetheria is a cyberpunk-themed district that is located in the north eastern corner of Decentraland, opposite to a Genesis Plaza. To the immediate south is located The Battleground, Engineering Park, Tech Sector and Hacker City districts. To the west is located Alvy Gardens, Surreal District, Voltaire and Fluffy DC districts. Main roads line the south and western sides of the district.

The district leadership is currently working on an Initial Development Plan document, district map and a 3D district planning tool to visualize the map in VR.


District Leader: Alonzo (@alonzo)

Technical Lead: Michael Andrew (@michael.andrew)


January 2018 - Contributed LAND is distributed into Aetheria's control.

December 2017 - Contributions for LAND to Aetheria officially open and close.

November 2017 - Due to personal commitments, @prix steps down from leader position and Alonzo (@alonzo) assumes the role as leader.

September 2017 - The initial district proposal is released to GitHub by Priscila Coghlan (@prix), the original district leader.