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Welcome to Arena - District Proposal

This district was created by a group of friends who all lived in a place called The Arena Design Centre, in Haringey, North London. It is a large yard of converted warehouses. And these had been converted into live/work units by artists and creatives. There are so many talented people going through arena. When I lived there, I could look out of my bedroom window to see a stage. A stage that had some terrific musicians and performance artists rehearsing and recording. So we wanted to create this district to be a melting pot of activities and ideas. I consider it a 'working district' or 'residential' rather than commercial.

I can foresee a day where some of the people involved in Arena, fork the Decentraland main client, and implement a graffiti protocol ;-)

So for all the people who staked here is my proposed layout. The important thing for myself and those who were there when I proposed it was that everyone should have an equal unit, like in the real Arena. Originally we were all going to stake the same number of parcels, and all commit some of those to a community area. However that idea fell by the wayside, and not everybody got to stake in time. So in line with the original idea, the best we could do in terms of ensuring an equality of experience was to make sure that each person has 1 road facing parcel if enough road parcels permit. I saw the map before Genesis City auction, and had there not been sufficient parcels to offer that equality, then I would have taken it up with Decentraland. It would not have been fair to charge everyone 1000 Mana, and give some people something worth considerably more and exclude others from that. We were lucky, because we had 18 road parcels and 17 wallets staking. So it was simple - give the biggest wallet 2 road parcels and everyone else one.


I found what I think is a happy arrangement. I am happy to listen to any suggestions to change the map - for example if you have more than 1 wallet staked and would like the land to be contiguous, or if you have a friend you want to be neighbours with, or if you are just unhappy with the placement of your parcels. I will consider any change.

Arena layout.png


Arena contributions.png

The exact transfers will be as follows, according to the map above: Arena transfers.jpg

District Land Transfer

We will ask you to complete a registration form, and may require you to complete a KYC check in order for you to receive your LAND tokens that we are transferring to you.


The registration form will contain a question asking if you agree with this proposal.

The district leader may may close the voting at the earlier of: -When 51% of the lands have been voted -After the vote has been open for two (2) weeks. The plan will be considered approved when at least 67% of the lands that voted approved it. Once it is approved we can initiate the district land transfer.


The Arena Vote was launched on Monday, March 12th, 2018 at 23:53 GMT and has been allowed to run until Tuesday, March 27th, 2018 at 00:00 GMT.

Total contribution to Arena District: 58 LAND

Total number of Land Voted: 37 LAND

Proportion of votes in favour of the plan: 100%

Arena district approval results.png

This satisfied the requirements as per the District Transfer Criteria as specified by Decentraland. The District Leader of Arena therefore has the mandate to carry out the district's start up plan.


  • Users register and vote to accept this proposal to transfer the land as illustrated in the table of wallet addresses and illustration above.
  • If there is a majority 'Yes' vote to this proposal, then the District Leader will carrying out the Land transfer to the individual contributors as per the distribution shown above.
  • If there is a majority 'No' vote to this proposal, then the District Leader may assemble a district board and Arena will be managed as a pooled district or partially pooled district.
  • If a majority 'Yes' vote, then as soon as a user performs a KYC check, the land as per the diagram above will be transferred to the wallet used to stake, which matches the address provided in the registration form.
  • If a majority 'No' vote, then any parcels not transferred to individuals would be placed in a multisig wallets with signatories chosen by the Arena District Leader.
  • All duties/responsibilities/liability between the land contributors and district leader will be nullified. This nullification will be in effect when the transfer of the Arena district LAND tokens to the registered wallet begins.
  • The District Leader will select an appropriate wallet to conduct the transfer. This may be a Gnosis multisig wallet with 3 signatories of the DL's choosing.
  • Any Land contributions that are not claimed may be used for any purpose the District Leader deems suitable. If the contributor registers later on then any content on that land will be wiped. The District Leader only guarantees to hold land for a period of 1 year on behalf of contributors after which time land maybe donated as permanent community land for Arena and/or sold to raise funds.


We have the Arena slack workspace: