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Design Quarter District

Quality in Visual Identity and Design elements are crucial toward growth in Decentraland. Traditional disciplines, as we know them, are undergoing a fundamental shift in converging toward Virtual Reality. Spacial disciplines in the physical world, such as architecture and engineering, can now be viewed within VR as physically unrestrained. On the other side, traditional 2D disciplines such as graphic design, software and software user interfaces are now able to occupy 3D space.

We believe the successful convergence of these various disciplines toward Virtual Reality hinges on the single core aspect they all have in common. That of design.

Design Quarter represents each individual commercial entity in its collective and aims to develop into a hive with core values centered around the Art of Design.

We aim toward providing inspirations and services that influence, refine and even constructively challenge visual representation and identity overall.

District Stakeholder Proposal Voting and Introduction

Attention ALL Design Quarter Stakeholders:
Voting toward acceptance of our Decentraland approved District Development / Start-up plan commences today, 9 July 2018.
Voting is open for a period of 14 days.
Please cast your vote at before 23 July 2018.

District stakeholders are also requested to please introduce and identity themselves on the Decentraland Design Quarter Dischord [1] or by contacting [email protected]

Media and Further Information

Official Design Quarter Web site,