District Leadership Resources

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District Leadership Resources


District District Leader Legal / Compliance / Regulatory Issues

This is a document in which district leaders are asking questions about district governance and providing resources and answers as they are found.

District Leader Legal / Compliance / Regulatory Issues

District Member Registration

The following document contains instructions and a template that District Leaders can use to create a registration form for their district contributors.

Instructions for Creating a DCL District Registration Form

Genesis Map

This is a map of the Genesis City district layout

Map of Genesis City with Districts

A district leader may make a copy of the above map, then trim out columns West and East of their district, and rows North and South of their district, to create a map spreadsheet for their district.

Here is an example of that from the Decentraland Conference Center:

Step 1: Copy of the above spreadsheet, with most rows and columns beyond the Conference Center and its neighbors removed:

Example of an edited copy of the GC map, cut down to a district and its environs

Step 2: Further narrowing of the map, and adding details inside the district:

Example layout map for a district derived from above.

District Leadership Meetings

Decentraland hosts periodic meetings for district leaders.

Here are notes and in some cases audio recordings of those meetings.

Disclaimer: Ideas expressed in district meetings are not commitments by DCL or by Districts.

District Leadership Meeting Dec 22 2017

District Leadership Meeting Dec 30th 2017

District Leadership Meeting Jan 06 2018 21:00 GMT

District Leadership Meeting Jan 15 2017 21:30 UTC

District Leadership Meeting Jan 20 2018

District Leadership Meetings Jan 27, 31

District Leadership Meeting Feb 3 2018

District Leadership Meeting Feb 10 2018