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My transaction is still pending, what do I do?

A transaction may fail to be picked up by the Ethereum Network (due to Gwei being too low).

Or a transaction may be pending for a long time due to unusual traffic load on the Ethereum network.

Or you may not have noticed that MetaMask is waiting for you to sign or submit something (if so, you will see a little blue number on the MetaMask icon in your browser)

To see whether a transaction is slow or if it is failed, click on it in MetaMask and you will see the details in Etherscan.

Per stake there are more than one MetaMask popup to Sign or Submit. You need to process each one.

You really need to increase Gwei in MetaMask before hitting Submit to assure that the transactions get picked up by the network. 70 Gwei should be safe.

Ethereum is slow the last several days due to Cryptokitties volume. Hence the need to increase Gwei and be patient. But a truly stuck tx need ls to be cancelled and for that you need a set of instructions. Get guidance by posting stuck tx info in the dApp or bugs channel in https://chat.decentraland.org. (They might not be seen in the general channel, to do the volume of traffic there.)

Does Decentraland run on its own blockchain?

Decentraland uses the Ethereum blockchain to store information about land ownership and its content.

How is land assigned to users?

Users can use the MANA cryptocurrency coing to buy any empty land parcels.

For more info, see Buying Land

How large is a tile of land?

10m x 10m, or 33ft x 33ft. The upper limit for builds has not been set yet.

Who validates transactions?

The Ethereum smart contract validates that modifications were made by the owner of the land.

How is content stored and distributed for visitors to see?

Content is stored decentralized in the IPFS network, while data hashes are stored in the blockchain. Decentraland is visited using a browser or VR headset, which receives the 3D content and displays it for you to experience.

Why is land scarce?

Without scarcity, most LAND would be left abandoned, which would hurt content discoverability and the user experience overall.

How do I buy land in Decentraland

See Buying Land

How do I visit Decentraland VR?

You can visit the current version of the world (which is still in "alpha" as of October 2017) by clicking on the Launch item at the top of the page at https://decentraland.org

Decentraland can be visited using a VR Headset (Head Mounted Display, or HMD), or using a 2D view on your PC or laptop.

You can edit a scene using the Decentraland Scene Editor. For more information, see Creating Content.

The roadmap on the Decentraland main page will give you an idea when the current versions will be updated from Iron Age to full production.

Where can I find documentation about Decentraland?

How do I make Content for Decentraland?

See Creating Content

What is Genesis City?

Genesis City is the area of valuable land around the "center of the world" (near 0,0). It is being sold at auction. Decentraland anticipates building something like a park / infohub / portal zone at the center of the city.

What are Districts?

Districts are regions of land at the outskirts, outside Genesis city, where various group leaders have organized groups of landowners to stake land to a district pool. Districts will be laid out, around Genesis City, around the time of the Genesis City auction, in consultation with the district leaders. You can learn more about the Districts at Decentraland District Proposals.