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Welcome to Decentraland Museum


We want to build the main Museum Experience in Decentraland. Showcasing art we curate, inviting curators, and renting a Gallery or Experience Modules to anyone interested in showcasing their creations.


We have already drafted a set of 3D models and scenes to place when the specs are defined.

In the Museum you will be able to:

  • Walk and discover new artwork and VR Experiences
  • Rent a Gallery module, showcase what you want, share it with the world
  • Rent an Experience Module, to create VR Experience for all Museum Visitors
  • Attend Events at the Museum
  • Buy artwork and get it shipped.
  • Sell artwork and get paid.

Member Registration

If you contributed land to the Conference Center, please contact Holodot

[email protected]

Original Project Proposal

Plans and Status

We are currently modeling the Museum. We are a team of 3 Designers working on the vision, and renders. Once we have specs we are going to start porting the main pieces to Decentraland