The Genesis City Auction

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The Genesis City Auction Has Completed, Thank You To All Who Participated

This page is for historical interest. It was instructions on how to participate in the Auction that occurred in December 2017.


This is a walkthrough of how to participate in the Decentraland Auction.

The auction will last seven days, starting at 10PM GMT on December 15th, 2017

  • To prevent last-minute takeovers, the bidding window will be extended for parcels with bids made within the final 30 hours. This extension is equal to n, where n = 30 - hours_remaining.
  • Once all active bids have finished, unused MANA will be returned to users’ wallets.
  • For testing purposes, please report bugs and errors you encounter in the #test_auction channel in our Rocket Chat.

To participate in the auction, you must have staked Mana to the Genesis City Auction. UPDATE: The official end time for Auction Staking is 7PM GMT Dec 15. Note that time zone!

You could contribute to the original community districts until 10 PM GMT on Dec 13.

Keep watching the Decentraland Twitter Feed, Blog, and Chat for updates during the auction.

The bidding itself is not done via Ethereum transactions. Instead it is done off-chain, so bids will execute quickly and not have problems if the Ethereum network is congested. Final ownership of won bids is recorded on the blockchain.

The amount of land available in the auction is 350 x 350 or 122500 parcels, minus the over 35,000 parcels that have been allocated to community districts. All Mana that is used to buy land (in districts, or won in auction bids) is converted to Land and the Mana is burnt. These initial 90,000 parcels form a square 300 Parcels on a each side. Each parcel has an X,Y coordinate in the map, with the central plaza at coordinates X,Y = 0,0, and the most distant parcels being at X,Y = +/- 150,150. East is positive X, West is negative X, North is positive Y, South is negative Y.

For an overview of land and buying it, see Buying Land

Step by Step Instructions

Note: currently the pictures in this page are external. Open them in a separate browser tab for best results.

  1. Make sure that you have the Chrome browser and the the MetaMask Chrome Plugin both installed.
  2. Log into MetaMask using the account from which you staked Mana to the Genesis Auction
  3. In Chrome, go to
  4. You will see the map of the parcels in Decentraland. It will look something like this, although the colors may differ from what is shown here. The colors indicate the status of each square parcel. Overlaid over the map will be the Help window initially. 04-Auction-Starting-View.PNG
  5. The Help window provides the rules of the auction (which may differ than the picture here) and it also provides the meaning of the colors on the map. Actively bid parcels will be on a spectrum from yellow (low bids) to red (high bids) 05-Auction-Help-Window.PNG
    1. If necessary, you can use page up and down to scroll the help window to see the color information
    2. To close the Help window, you can click on either the X in the top right corner, or the [Get Started] button.
    3. Later you can reopen the Help window using the question mark icon
  6. In the lower right of the screen you will see a “Mini Map” of the world, with a dark rectangle showing what part of the world you are currently seeing in the main window. You can drag the dark rectangle to the part of the world you want to examine in the main map. 07-MiniMap.PNG
  7. You can also slide the main map around by clicking on it and dragging.
  8. You can zoom in and out by clicking on the +/- control in the top right.
  9. If you want to see the “whole world”, you can also zoom way out using the Browser zoom control and/or Ctrl - / Ctrl + and/or the Mouse scroll wheel, but you might experience some problems
    1. When you are scrolled out a lot, the window can take a long time to repaint.
    2. You may get a message from the server that it timed out delivering all that data. Just reload the page.
    3. You may need to scroll back in to see other information in the auction app.
    4. But you can still use the right mouse button click and drag to scroll the map, and put an area of interest into the middle, and then scroll back in.
  10. If you hover the mouse over a parcel, you will see a popup with information about that parcel. At the top of the parcel popup, you will see one of the following words if the parcel is already reserved from before the auction:
    1. Plaza. This is open space reserved by Decentraland for community use and access.
    2. Road. This is a road, also reserved by Decentraland. Roads are laid out through the world to connect the central plaza (at 0,0) to other plazas and districts, and to provide easy access to many of the parcels.
    3. District. This is land that has been allocated to the community Districts. You will see the district name at the bottom of the parcel popup.
  11. Parcels on which there has been no bid will just show their coordinates.
    1. X,Y = 0,0 is the center of the central plaza
    2. East is positive X, West is negative X, South is positive Y, North is negative Y.
  12. You may search for particular coordinates and districts using the “Search for Districts or Coordinates” control in the top left of the Auction app. In the search tool, you can enter a pair of X,Y coordinates, or a district name or part of a name. Remember that you can read the district proposals at
  13. You may bid on any parcel that isn’t reserved, as above, or on which the auction has not completed. (See the rules in the Help popup window).
    1. Pale grey parcels are the ones that have not been bid on yet, and the opening minimum bid is 1000 Mana. You may bid more at the opening bid if you wish.
    2. Other parcels on which bidding has begun will show:
      1. Coordinates.
      2. Some of the Ethereum account number of the current winning bid.
      3. The current bid.
      4. When that bid will win the parcel if nobody bids higher before that deadline
  14. On the left edge of the Auction app, you will see an information bar about your bidding, including your your available Mana balance, and how many parcels you have bid on, are winning, losing, won, and lost. You can widen this information bar using the little double arrow tab. In the wider window, you can enter an email address where you will get notices every 8 hours about the status of your bids.
    1. If you are outbid, the amount you bid will be returned to your available balance.
    2. If you win a bid, the full amount you bid will be taken, and you will own the parcel.
    3. While you are winning a bid, the amount you have bid is locked to that bid until you either win or are outbid.
  15. To bid on an available parcel
    1. Left click on the parcel
    2. You will see a bid amount popup appear: 16-MinimumBidNewParcel.PNG
    3. If the parcel has never been bid on before, the minimum bid will be 1000.
    4. If the parcel has an existing bid, you will see a higher minimum bid.
    5. You will see, to the right of your bid, what your remaining balance is, which is the maximum you can bid on that parcel.
    6. Read the rules on the help page about when a bid wins, what happens if someone bids shortly before the auction on that parcel expires, etc.
  16. Once you set the amount of your bid in the popup dialog, click the [Bid] button.
  17. A Pending Confirmations window will pop up, showing your bid. The parcel you are about to bid on will show as green in the map, to help you know what you are bidding on. You can move the map with right click and drag if needed. 18-Bid-1.PNG
  18. You can add additional parcels to the proposed bid list (at the minimum bid amount) by shift clicking on them. Each such parcel will show as green on the map to show you which parcels are listed in the Pending Confirmations bid list. 19-Bid-2.PNG
  19. You can remove individual parcels from the list if you like, using the little X, or you can click on the pencil to change the bid amount.
  20. You can see what your declining available balance is, before you bid, in the vertical side bar over on the left side of the auction tool. It will show what the balance is going to be after this set of bids if you confirm them.
  21. You can cancel the entire set of pending bids clicking on [CLEAR ALL X] in the top right of the list.
  22. To Confirm the bid, do the following, carefully:
    1. Click the [Confirm Bid] button
    2. You will get a popup window from MetaMask, showing the parcel coordinates and bid amounts for each parcel you are bidding on. 23b-MetaMask-Sign.PNG
    3. If you don’t want to proceed, click the [Cancel] button
    4. If you do want to proceed, click on the [Sign] button
    5. If you signed it, you will see your parcels change color to the Winning color, and the little parcel popups, if you hover over your parcels, will show part of your Ethereum account, the amount of your bid, and how long before the Bid wins the parcel if nobody else bids.
    6. You may have to refresh the page in the browser to see your stats show up in the left bar.
    7. Congratulations, you have placed your bid!

Some Hints and Tips if You are Having Problems

Thanks for your patience during the auction.

The volume of activity on the Auction has been really highat times, and there have been a few problems. We’ve been fixing them.

So if you have had some problems, try again now.

If you are still having problems, here are some tips:

  • Did you stake to the Auction, or only to Districts? If only districts, you don't need to bid in the auction for your district share
  • You should use the Chrome browser
  • Double check that you are at the following url: (check .org carefully)
  • You must be logged into MetaMask with the same Ethereum account that you used for staking to the Auction.
  • Try reloading the Auction app page in your browser.

Here is a step by step guide for the auction:

If after trying those things, you are still having problems, get help, as described in the next section.

Getting Help During the Auction

There are so many people asking questions and seeking help during the auction that it would be impossible to handle them effectively in the general discussion channels of Rocket Chat.

Instead, we have a help chat and support system.

There are two ways to access it:

  1. . Inside the auction app, you will see a blue icon for chatting with the support team. Entering text there actually initiates a support ticket in our customer support system, and someone will answer you and work on that ticket with you as soon as possible. If you close the chat window, the conversation will continue via email.
  2. . If you cannot get to that blue icon, you can also initiate a support ticket by sending an email to [email protected]

Once a ticket has been created, if you want to use email to follow up, that's fine, just reply to the latest email and it will go into the existing support ticket.

If you are having problems getting into the Auction app, or with your balances, etc., please send your Ethereum address, the one you used for staking to the Auction. Also, please include the specific steps you are taking up to the point where you have problems, as well as what you are seeing that seems wrong, perhaps screenshots.

The support and dev teams are really busy processing tickets, improving the system, and preparing the Iron Age client and editor for public use soon. So thank you for your patience.

Also, whether or not you win land in this auction, there will be other land buying opportunities coming soon.

Thanks, and Happy Bidding!