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Project Vision

The Movement is a fully decentralized organization for borderless collaboration and grassroots innovation, headquartered in the Decentraland virtual world.

Driven by the vision of building bridges across borders and cultures, it is our aim to create and enhance decentralized networks based on trust and friendship. Dedicated to bringing about new opportunities for all, The Movement is collectively created and owned by all who take part its ongoing development and governance.

Based on the principles of open source transparency and permissionless collaboration, The Movement is open for all valuable contributions and free to evolve. By harnessing the power of blockchain technology in conjunction with virtual reality, humans are supported to come together and create freely. Our virtual headquarter Greenpoint is an emerging common ground for innovation experimentation and value creation, and a meeting point for grassroots movements.

Value Creation

Build bridges between people, groups and organizations by creating and enhancing decentralized networks based on trust and friendship. Establish a virtual headquarter for borderless collaboration that is accessible for all and for the benefit of all. Promote decentralization to help transcend organizational boundaries. Encourage and advance collaboration and grassroots innovation. Bring humans together.


Greenpoint Development Plan v1.0

A distinctive feature of The Movement organization is its community-owned VR headquarter Greenpoint, a hub for grassroots innovation, which is located around the coordinates -20/80 in Genesis City. In total, Greenpoint consists of 414 LAND, of which 99 Land Parcels were provided to the community by The Movement’s original creator, and 315 Parcels were contributed by the global community via the Decentraland Genesis auction event.

Greenpoint is collectively developed and governed by The Movement community. Participation, development and governance is incentivized by the organization's native token $MVT. The total fixed supply of MVT is 3,000,000 (TokenTracker). Smart contract address: 0x3d46454212c61ecb7b31248047fa033120b88668